Saturday, November 22, 2014

National Bicycle Day

The world bike community celebrates the National Bycycle Day. Bike advocates promote to use bicycle to lessen power emission and air pollution led ny motor vehicles and to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

InDesign Hot Keys and Basic Tools Functions

Make your InDesign workflow like a raging river!   Here are some InDesign hot keys to make your designs blazing fast! We'll feature hot keys I personally and frequent use. You may hover on your tools palette to preview keyboard shorts that is not mentioned on this tuts. Press one or more keys simultaneously to make an action effective.


Selection Tool  - V
Once you've open a document in InDesign, the selection tool is selected by default. If you switched to a different tool and you want to go back using Selection Tool, press V.  When you are on type mode, you have to click on Selection Tool on the tools palette to select or you'll end up typing many letter Vs. Selection Tool is the black arrow and first icon in the tools palette.

Direct Selection Tool - A
From another tool except Type Tool, press A to quickly switch
to Direct Selection Tool. This tool can select an object in a group.

Type Tool - T
Press T to type.  Draw a text block and start typing.
Press Selection Tool to get off type mode.

Line Tool - \
Use backslash key to quickly select Line Tool.

Pen Tool - P

Shape Tool - M

Gradient Swatch Tool - G

Eyedropper Tool - I
Copy a fill or stroke color using the Eyedropper Tool.

Hand Tool - H or Press and hold Space Bar
Press H or hold Space Bar to navigate a page.

Zoom Tool - Z
You can press Z or press and hold Alt key and use your
mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out.

Switch Fill and Stroke Color - X

File Menu Hot Keys
Ctrl + N   New document
Ctrl + O   Open a document
Ctrl + S    Save a document
Ctrl + W  Close
Ctrl + C   Copy
Ctrl + V   Paste
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + V Paste in Place

Other Hot Keys

Show and Hide Ruler Ctrl + R

Text Frame Option Ctrl + B

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Create a New Document in InDesign

Create your new document in InDesign.  Today, we'll use InDesign CS6 for this tutorial.

Once you've installed and opened InDesign in your computer, you'll see a Create New menu window to make a new document.  Below Create New menu click Document icon. If someone managed to disable the quick new document window, click File | New | Document or hot key Ctrl + N.

New Default Document
You may start your new document by clicking OK or choose varieties of document sizes under Page Size menu. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013