Saturday, December 13, 2014

Color Negatives to Black and White Film Photography Workflow on a Budget

There are hundreds of workflows on how to shoot, develop, process and print or share your film photography to the internet.

I am a photographer on a budget, I finding cheap and accessible ways for my photography and get images I wanted. Got back to my storage bins and pulled my Nikon F SLR load a 35mm color negative and start shooting. When I was scanning my negatives with a HP Scanjet G3110 Photo scanner, I was not flattered with the scan output. Until I hit a magic button in Photoshop which is black and white. Now I can do more and play with it.

Settings and process will be different with gears you have.

Shoot click, snap, done!

Develop If you have the gadgets and capabilities developing film that's good. But, those are stuffs I and most people don't have. Try to find a photo shop who do film scanning.

Scanning Now this is the tricky part. You need an access to a film scanner. There are cheap flat bed and film scanner you can buy or you might have a friend that you can borrow. You can also check your local photo shop if they have film scan services to do the job. I use a HP Scanjet G3110 Photo Scanner, a document and film scanner. It's an old scanner, so it is not working as good like the new ones. You might have a better scanner and it's good for you.

Raw scan at 600ppi using a HP Scanjet G3110 Photo Scanner. 
Post Process You might have film scratches and minor tweaks in your photographs. You need a photo editing app to take out scratches and spots, color corrections, dodging and burning, black and white conversion and saving your image. Some times I leave the film scratches for a grungy effect.

Print or internet Let's make it cheap. A deskjet printer will do. Use a photo paper of your choice and hit grayscale and a photo quaility in your printer preferences. Choosing color printing options might result to color casts to your black and white images. In grayscale mode, Most.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

National Bicycle Day

The world bike community celebrates the National Bycycle Day. Bike advocates promote to use bicycle to lessen power emission and air pollution led ny motor vehicles and to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

DIY Pop Up Flash Diffuser

Say goodbye to harsh shadows when using your pop-up flash!  
Install in seconds and it'll cost you a piece of paper and tape!

This DIY photo equipment is inspired by Gary Fong's Puffer.  I simply cut two pieces of white bond paper exactly the size of an ATM card and attached it on my pop-up flash.  Quick and easy!

Here are some camera settings to get you started!  These cam settings are ideal for film and digital cameras that have automatic and manual features.  Although, you can try the DIY pop-up diffuser or other flash diffusing tricks in this tutorial regardless of the limitations of your gear.  Sizes of the DIY diffuser may vary on the size of your pop-up flash.  The DIY flash diffuser you see in the picture above fits for DSLR pop-up flash or alike.

Point and Shoot
For people who don't know about the ins and out of the camera.  Just simply attach the DIY pop-up flash diffuser weather you have a DSLR or a Point and shoot camera, you are ready to go!

Fine tune your DIY pop-up flash diffuser by learning some camera tweaks!  Let us make experiments to define what camera settings to use in different scenes.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Toknene soaked in custom made vinegar with minced lettuce and onion. 

Toknene ba ang hanap mo?  Pag-nagawi ka sa Munoz, sadyain mo yung nagbebenta ng toknene malapit sa Iglesia ni Cristo, sa paradahan ng tricycle sa kanto ng Alley 12 saka EDSA.  Malinis ang pagka-prepare ng pamilya Ladringan.  Inihanda nila sa akin ito para sa meryenda pagkatapos mag turo ng DSLR basic operations para sa kanilang anak.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Each numerador have eight digit numbers from zero to nine.
NUMERADOR, that's how old folks in the printing industry call it.  In letterpress printing, minervista or a platen printing machine operator set numeradors laid-out in rama or a steel frame panel that holds the numeradors.  

In old fashion serial numbering of printing, Minervitas (Minerva is a brand of platen printing machine) use letterpress machine like Brandjen & Kluge letterpress.   They manually feed the gang up layout in the letterpress to imprint serial numbers on receipts, sales invoices, tickets etc.

Numeradors with blue ink.

The minervista is placing the rama with numeradors attached on the letterpress machine.